Rising Above It

There is a girl at work that I have major issues with.  She asked me who I slept with to get my bartender position.  She called me a bitch in front of one of my trainees.  She tried to get me in trouble for my shoes for goodness sakes. (Black leather cowboy boots with a no-slip sole, in case you’re wondering.)

Long story short, she has an attitude and I dread working with her.

Yesterday, I had to work a twelve hour double.  My morning shift was a regular serving shift and my night shift was behind the bar, covering for my bar manager whose daughter was graduating from preschool that night.  This girl was working that whole day as well and I had to deal with her all day.

She made snide comments about me not wearing gloves behind the bar.  (I don’t touch the liquor that gets poured into drinks, so I am not sure why someone who has never been trained as a bartender would even care, but that is another story.)  She yelled at me in front of my bar guests for not running my food because I was making drinks for other servers.  She kept calling me Princess because she said she felt like I got away with doing nothing just because I am a bartender.  I wanted to punch her.


I smiled.  I ignored her.  I didn’t stoop to her level.  I didn’t let her bitchiness put me in a bad mood.  I was already feeling rough (I’m getting too damn old to be working doubles, even if it is for a good cause) and I just wanted to make it through my shifts and make some money in the process.

Is this growing up?  Is focusing on myself and my guests instead of the petty drama part of being an adult?  I remember a time when I would have confronted her.  I would have completely melted down and been a wreck for my whole shift because she was being mean to me.  I just don’t have the energy for that anymore.  All I want to do is my job and make some money.

176 days to 30. I think I am finally starting to get a handle on this adult stuff.

Kisses, the Southern Jezebelle


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